Bluegrass gospel minstrel and 14-time Grammy winner Dan Tyminski explores his bloodline as he headlines Nu C ountry TV on Saturday August 10 at 9.30 pm on Channel 31/44.

Septuagenarian singing actor Dolly Parton returns in a movie duet with Adelaide born Sia in the show repeated Monday 7.30 am and Wednesday 9 pm.

Fellow Grammy winner-author and singer-songwriter Rosanne Cash appears live in Behind Bars on the program filmed and edited by Laith Graham.

Nashville quartet Farewell Angelina makes its live debut in an historic Nashville whiskey still.

Sydney foster mother Karen Craigie returns to the show featuring the debut of Dandenong ranges singer and pianist Benny Allen.

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Dan Tyminski emerges from the mountains to forests, bayous and rivers as he trawls through his personal history on his Nu Country return.

The bluegrass gospel guru reveals he found ghosts in radios as he recalled his dad's guitar lessons as a child.

Vermont born Tyminski encounters colourful characters with neck tattoos lurking in shrubbery on his journey.

They fuel vivid imagery for Dan, now 51, in Bloodlines from fourth solo album Southern Gothic that he didn't plan.

“I ended up getting to write with the young man Jesse Frasure - he's on fire right now,” Tyminski revealed.

“When we first started to sit down to write, he had a take on where the music should go that was so fun and so daring. He wasn't afraid to go anywhere - way outside of the box that I had found myself trying to write in. And we hit it off and started writing more music. Before we knew it, we had acquired a few songs that we really liked, Southern Gothic being one of them.”

The album's bluesy title track lyrics include “Baptised in Southern Gothic, in the garden of good and evil/ we've got a church on every corner/ so why does Heaven feel so far away.”

That song inspired his 13-track album.

“I remember driving home, being very jealous, wishing I could do that song myself, but understanding I would have to pitch it to someone else,” Dan recalled.

“To me, it was an expression. The whole record is the truths in my life.

“That song, and a lot of the record, is holding the mirror up to society for me. It's taking a look at the world, not judging, not saying you have to do this or shouldn't do this, or might be better, just an observation of some things that go on in this world.

“And throughout the record, there are a lot of those truths for me, and Southern Gothic, I thought, was the most fantastic, visual piece of work, that it just made sense to do a record.”

It also features Perfect Poison, Devil in Downtown and Haunted Heart.

His solo albums include Carry Me Across the Mountain (2000) on Doobie Shea Records and Wheels (2008), on Rounder Records .

Dan also plays in Alison Krauss's Union Station Band and fronted Soggy Bottom Boys on Man Of Constant Sorrow in the O Brother Where Art Thou movie.

He sang on Avicii's international hit Hey Brother from her album True .

Dan was born in Rutland , Vermont and played banjo in high school with brother Stan in G reen Mountain Bluegrass .

He also played mandolin and sang in the Lonesome River Band for five years from the age of 21.

Further info - http://dantyminski.com/


Dolly Parton and Adelaide born Sia feature the plight of a homeless man and his canine and diverse domestic violence victims and families in their new video.

Sia, now 44, and a singer-songwriter-producer-video director joined Dolly, 73, in their Nu Country return.

They perform the evocative resurrection of Here I Am - entrée song on the Dumpling movie soundtrack.

Here I Am was a hit for Dolly on 1971 album Coat Of Many Colours .

Dolly also filmed a video for Girl In The Movies - one of six new songs she wrote for the soundtrack of Dumpling.

The movie opened last December and is based on a novel on a Texan small-town pageant entrant inspired by Dolly.

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Grammy winning singer-songwriter-actor-author Rosanne Cash proves she has good genetics and memory in her live Nu Country return.

Rosanne, now 64, has toured here three times - her nineties touring trio with fellow singer-songwriters Mary Chapin Carpenter and Lucinda Williams was dubbed The Highwaywomen .

Cash performs She Remembers Everything - title track of her 16th album.

Rosanne, who recovered from 2007 brain surgery, returned to late dad Johnny's childhood home in Dyess , Arkansas , to film her previous video for Walking Wounded .

The song was adapted from a Cash poem published in Forever Words: The Unknown Poems and produced by John Carter Cash - only son of Johnny and June Carter Cash who both died in 2003.

That video came out on March 29, 2018 - Vietnam Veterans Day.

Cash said his dad wrote The Walking Wounded when suffering physical pain and immersed in literature about the Vietnam War and PTSD suffered by veterans of that war.

She appeared on Nu Country with former husband-Texan singer-songwriter Rodney Crowell in It Ain't Over Yet from Crowell's eighth album Close Ties .

Crowell produced and sang with Cash in their 13-year marriage from 1979-92 but it was the first time they appeared on a record together since Rosanne's 1990 Interiors album.

Since 1991 Rosanne has released six albums, two books and essays for New York Times, Rolling Stone, Oxford American and New York Magazine .

But within two years, Rosanne lost mother Vivian, dad Johnny and stepmother June Carter Cash.

Rosanne explored her family history on 2006 album Black Cadillac and 2009 disc The List - an album of covers of her father's favourite songs.

CLICK HERE for our Rosanne interview in the Diary on February 15, 2014.


Nashville quartet Farewell Angelina go on a magical mystery search in their debut.

They perform live at the Climax Saloon in Nashville.

It opened in 1887 as a house of sin and whiskey and an apt locale for ghosts from the past.

The female quartet - Nicole Witt, Andrea Young, Lisa Torres and Ashley Gearing - took its name from a 1965 Bob Dylan ballad that was also a hit for Joan Baez.

Their video for the single Ghosts follows three singles and a five track EP.

Further info - http://www.farewellangelinamusic.com/


Dandenong Ranges singing pianist Benny Allen debuts with a ruptured romance requiem he wrote with Blue Mountains bard Allan Caswell.

They penned Day One of Missing You for the Upper Ferntree Gully artist's debut album Never Knew I Was Country after an early morning trek to watch the sun rise over Tamworth at Oxley Lookout.

“It was one of those songs that started from nothing,” Benny revealed.

“I had just written the song The Lord Above on the drive up to Tamworth because my girlfriend's dad was in a coma and we didn't know if he was going to make it. When I sat down with Allan, I had nothing left in me, so he asked me what I'd done that morning and I'd got up and watched the sun rise over Tamworth at Oxley Lookout.

“We hadn't had a fight or anything, but my girlfriend was going through a lot and I was 1400km away and I guess that was emotional genesis of the song, feeling that isolation and separation from someone you love.”

Allen, renowned for travelling to gigs with piano in the back of his Ute, graduated from CMAA Academy of Country Music in 2018 and was mentored by Golden Guitarists Lyn Bowtell, Ashleigh Dallas and Amber Lawrence.

Further info - https://www.bennyallen.rocks/


Sydney singer-songwriter Karen Craigie takes viewers on a magical mystery tour of a carnival in her return.

Her songs have been in movies and TV shows and she is also mum of her 10-year old co-writer.

Craigie was foster-mother of 20 children over seven years in support of charities - Prosper Project Australia , Welcome To My Yard and Prosper Children's Village for street kids.

This week she performs Little Heartbreaker from her Matt Fell produced third album Mountains Of Gold on Buttercup Records.

“This record was born in a creative and warm environment,” Karen revealed.

“I had these insanely talented musicians and songwriters around me whilst I was recording. Matt has an incredible collection of talented musicians and songwriters Josh Schuberth, Amber Rae Slade, Michael Carpenter all just hanging out and willing to help.

“When I first started releasing music I was working in the industry and I wanted to keep those two parts very separate.

“Writing songs has been the best way that I can find to stay connected to music amidst all of my other passions and commitments. I'm songwriter and occasional artist and that is enough. Some performers don't write songs, some songwriters don't perform. I am in the latter category. That fits nicely with my home, and busy work life and lets me keep doing everything that I love. If I attempted to add performing or anything else, I'd have to let go of something else that's important. “I am not a musician anyway, beyond playing enough to write the songs and get them ready for the studio. Songwriting and creating songs has continued to be part of music that I love most and want to be involved with. Over time that has allowed me to avoid the cycle that I have seen so many musicians wrestle with - work getting in the way of music getting in the way of work - and have a reasonably long-running career as a songwriter, alongside multiple professional paths, and a heap of other major personal projects. I plan to continue doing things this way for as long as it keeps working”.

Further info - https://www.karencraigie.com/


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