West Virginia star Brad Paisley headlines Nu Country TV with the help of a surfing squirrel this Thursday July 31 at 10.30 pm on Channel 31.

Squirrel Twiggy also masters water skis as he surrenders his grip to bluegrass band Trampled By Turtles debuting on Digital 44 show repeated Monday 5.30 am and 2.30 pm and Thursday 2.30 am.

October tourists The Bellamy Brothers also debut in Behind Bars with some comical advice on Mexican exports and Jalapenos in the absence of our chef host Mid Pacific Bob Olson.

Famed fiddler Charlie Daniels first toured here in 1980 - the same year as The Bellamy Brothers - and performs his tribute to frequent Australian tourist Bob Dylan.

And Colac and Wallington raised Adam Brand returns with his latest video from 12th album My Side Of The Street on the eve of his national tour with Fawkner singer-songwriter Jasmine Rae.

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Hot shot guitarist Brad Paisley is joined by a cute cast in his latest video River Bank .

Twiggy the water skiing and surfing squirrel escaped claws of bald eagles nesting near filming on a 150 acre Alabama lake.

River Bank , also featuring female wild life is on Brad's hot 10th album Moonshine In The Trunk released here on August 29.

The singer launched the single on Jimmy Kimmel Live in the U.S. with fellow Rising Star reality TV show cast mates Kesha, Ludacris, and Josh Groban.

Paisley enlisted Kimmel to share the cover art with fans as the host drank moonshine straight from a mason jar.

Brad's video is also adorned with sun, water, boats, drinks and women in bikinis.

He sings “we got an inner tube/ we got a trailer hitch/we're near the river and far from rich/but we have got each other and gas in the tank/we're laughing all the way to the river bank,” while riding a tube in his cowboy hat as Twiggy trails behind on a miniature water ski.

Paisley wrote River Bank with Kelley Lovelace and the video was directed by Scott Scovill and Roman White ( Moo Creative Media ) and produced by John Huber and Max A. Butler.

Paisley , 41 and singing spouse of actress Kimberly Williams-Paisley since 2003, has frequently worked with expat superstar Keith Urban and plans to tour here in 2015.

The couple often take their sons - 7-year-old Huck and 5-year-old Jasper - on tour with them.

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Minnesota bluegrass aces Trampled by Turtles showcase some hot picking on their video for Wait So Long from their fifth album Palomino .

They have appeared on popular American TV shows Deadliest Catch and Squidbillies that also featured veteran Texan singer-songwriter Billy Joe Shaver.

Their song Alone was featured at the end of 2013 movie The Way-Way Back.

They released their eighth album Wild Animals this month.

Further info - http://trampledbyturtles.com/


Famed Floridians The Bellamy Brothers debut on Behind Bars on the eve of their 40 th anniversary October tour with some deep southern humour.

They fill in for our host and chef Mid Pacific Bob Olson with their recipe for Jalapenos.

It's a clever social comment metaphor for attacks on free speech by power pariahs.

They also ham it up with cut rate travel tips in Mexico Came Here - a travelogue of Mexican delights north of the Rio Grande.

It explores the not so free trade agreement between Mexico and the U.S. where exports can be a tricky manoeuvre.

Here the brothers, best known for oranges and Holstein dairy cattle in Florida , help their little Mexican mates landed their herb superb on Texan legend Shotgun Willie Nelson's bus.

The brothers examine in depth the necessity to ensure the accuracy and correct weight of green missiles projected into the Lone Star State where singing crime novelist Kinky Friedman unsuccessfully ran for Agricultural Commissioner with a platform of legalising marijuana cropping.

The Bellamy Brothers exuded their sense of humour when they hosted High In The Saddle during its halcyon era on 3RRR-FM.

On another occasion your diarist gave The Bellamys travel advice before they aborted an Australian tour after appearing on Mike McClellan's ABC-TV show.

Your diarist later interviewed the duo live to air in 2003 from the Lone Star Café in New York City for Malcolm T Elliott's 2UE radio show on 2UE after attending a Bob Seger concert in Meadowlands, New Jersey,

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Famed fiddler and singer-songwriter Charlie Daniels honours fellow tourist Bob Dylan in the video for Tangled Up In Blue from his recent Off The Grid album.

North Carolina born Charlie, now 77, first toured here with Little River Band and Australian Crawl in 1980.

They performed east coast capital cities and other hot spots including Newcastle and Dapto before returning in 1998.

Charlie says he's the biggest Dylan fan in country music so was excited to tell him about his album, Off the Grid - Doin' It Dylan.

Daniels played on Dylan's albums early in his career including iconic Nashville Skyline but their recent chat was the first time they had spoken in a long time.

“He seemed to be happy about the idea, he hadn't heard the album yet,” Daniels revealed.

“We sent it to him. Very amicable, very talkative, very friendly. I hadn't talked to him in years and it was just like I talked to him last week wanted him to know that we had done the album and what it meant to me to have been associated with his name over the years. It was just a really nice conversation.”

The record features 10 Dylan songs revamped by Daniels including Mr Tambourine Man, I Shall Be Released and I'll Be Your Baby Tonight.

Daniels says he chose songs for the record based on arrangements his band put together, rather than dissecting each song's meaning and choosing them.

That's because he wanted to bring something fresh to each track and because the lyrics for Mr Tambourine Man could be interpreted in many different ways.

“Well, I have an idea of what it means,” Daniels explained.

“It's almost like a drug song or a mental attitude song, or a wishful thinking song. But you don't really know for sure. You can't pin it down because he don't come out and say. One of the wonderful things about Bob Dylan music is everybody can draw their own conclusions about what he's talking about.”

Daniels began touring to support the album in March.

“Having new material to play on the live show is like pouring a little hot sauce on your morning eggs, just adds a little extra zest to the set,” he says.

“It was about 50 years ago when I first became aware of Bob Dylan - and no, I was not naive enough to think I could swim in the same stream, try to emulate what he had done, or cop his licks. Nobody could do that.

“My ambitions were to provoke some thought, to colour the imagery of my songs, to think outside the box of conformity - in other words to be myself.

“Whatever it was Bob Dylan meant by his lyrics, they grabbed the attention of the world and changed the face of music forever. He inspired musicians to knock down the restrictive, bubble gum, three minute a side, Tin Pan Alley world that set the parameters of popular music and turn their creative minds loose in a thousand new directions.”

The Grand Ole Opry member, who released more than 50 albums is still in awe of Dylan's creativity.

“Bob Dylan basically defies description and trying to figure out what he may do next is tantamount to trying to guess which number a roulette ball is going to land on,” he added.

“After 50 years he remains the unrivalled free thinker with the talent and the nerve to follow his musical star wherever it takes him.”

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Perth born singer-songwriter Adam Brand now calls Townsville home where he is mine host at Brandy's Restaurant on Palmer Street.

This week the thrice wed troubadour performs in the video for What Your Love Looks Like from his 12th album My Side Of The Street.

You can catch Adam on a national tour in September with Fawkner duet partner Jasmine Rae

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