Whey Jennings - grandson of late Texan outlaw Waylon - headlines Nu Country TV on Saturday February 24 at 6.30 pm on Channel 31/ Digital 44.

Fellow West Texan outlaw Creed Fisher and fellow Lone Star state star Maren Morris boomerang to the show filmed and produced by Laith Graham and repeated Wednesday at 1.30 am.

Cherokee Indian Gold Miner's daughter Lauren Reno and Wagga-Wagga singing actor and TV host Darren Coggan also appear this week.

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Texan outlaw Whey Jennings and his late grand-dad Waylon perform in a Behind Bars double shot.

Waylon died at 64 on February 13, 2002, and eulogised late western swing king Bob Wills in his live tribute Bob Wills Is Still The King.

Waylon was joined on stage by Shotgun Willie Nelson, now 90, who was referred to by Waylon as Willie What's His Name.

Whey Jennings, now 42, dug deep into his family tradition dating back to grandfather Waylon and grandmother Jessi Colter with his video for Just Before The Dawn - title track of his third EP released on September 22, 2023.

His previous EPS were Gypsy Soul in 2020 and If It Wasn't for The Sinning in 2022.

Whey writes and sings about his personal struggles with addiction, finding sobriety and redemption through faith, family and friends.

“Out of 42 years on this earth I lived 38 of them in the darkness,” Whey revealed.

“I was pretty well a functioning drug addict and an alcoholic. I found the light three years ago by the grace of God and my Momager, Tammy. I have a beautiful wife who has also stood by my side, and six beautiful children who continue to love me. I've decided to dedicate this EP and my life to them.

“My story is a little different than most. Even though my grandfather was Waylon and my uncle is Shooter, I didn't initially chart a life course at being a full time musician or recording artist, even though I was on the road with my family as a young child.”

Further info - https://www.wheyjennings.com/

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Fellow West Texan outlaw singer-songwriter Creed Fisher pays tribute to his daughter in his Nu Country return.

Creed, 50, hails from Odessa in west Texas and follows trails of pioneer outlaws Waylon Jennings and Willie Nelson, now 90.

He performs his Daughter Of An Outlaw video from his fifth album Rebel In The South.

Creed recently released his sixth album This Ain't The Hamptons.

Fisher recently fronted Nu Country with his Hank Williams homage Hank that followed Rebel In The South.

Fisher also fronted our show with videos for Creed, Nashville, High On The Bottle, People Like Me, This Town, Life Of A Working Man, Life Of A Working Man, Hankles and Jesus and Haggard & Jones.

Further info - https://creedfisher.net/


Texan temptress Maren Morris returns with some advice about escaping a toxic town after she started fires in her previous video The Tree .

This time Maren, now 33, flees the scene of her rhyme in a ghost town.

Get The Hell Out Of Here is on her new EP The Bridge that follows six albums.

The Tree was produced by Greg Kurstin and Get the Hell Out of Here produced by Jack Antonoff.

"The Tree is about a toxic family tree burning itself to the ground,” Morris revealed.

“Halfway through, I realize it's burning itself down without any of my help. This song evokes the pain of exhausting all your love and time for this person or entity but realizing it's just a draining, transactional relationship that isn't nourishing in any healthy way. By the end of the song, I give myself permission to face the sun, plant new seeds where it's safer to grow and realize that sometimes there is greener grass elsewhere."

Morris and educator Karina Argow wrote picture book Addie Ant Goes On An Adventure for Chronicle Chroma.

Maren divorced fellow singer-songwriter Ryan Hurd after five years of marriage on October 2.

The couple share three year-old son, Hayes Andrew Hurd.

Morris and Hurd's friendship began during a meeting to write songs and married in Nashville in March of 2018.

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Cherokee Indian Gold Miner's daughter Lauren Reno returns to our show with a visit to the Gold Creek Ranch in Reno, Nevada.

Lauren wrote Gold Rush with producer husband Ben with whom she owns the Majestic Ape recording studio in Nashville.

Lauren, mother of two, depicts the story of her father Eddie Dimock's life in the video for the title track of her new album that followed her debut EP Seasons under her maiden name Lauren Dimock in 2015.

Eddie was signed with Capitol Records in the early 90s while Lauren worked long shifts at the local gold mine.

She wrote songs and performed at local wineries and honky-tonks cultivating her craft and satisfying her creative passion.

She met her husband Ben in 2017 and they live with their two young children in Music City.

Lauren also released singles including Don't Think , Crooked Smile and Bottle's Worth A Dime for her 11 song Gold Rush album released September 23, 2022.

Further info - https://laurenrenomusic.com/


Wagga-Wagga singing actor and TV host Darren Coggan showcases a different kind of rush in his return to our show.

The Golden Guitarist celebrates a daily wave beside the famed Murrumbidgee river.

Glen Innes born Darren, now 50, lives in Wagga-Wagga near that river.

Wagga-Wagga may be far from the surf but has its own wave each afternoon.

It's where Darren sings he wants to be tossed in the after-life.

The 5'Oclock Wave is on Darren's 12th album.

Darren and wife Danielle have a daughter Olivia, 18, who recorded with Darren and musician son Gabe, now 21.

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George, Waylon, Merle and Willie Nelson were among country historian Barbara Dowling's favourite Texans.

The Waylon, Highwaymen , Merle and George discs were donated by Barbara who died at 77 in December, 2020.

She co-hosted Long In The Saddle in our Nu Country FM era and was pioneer Australian and Victorian country music awards judge.

Barbara was admired for rising above losing her sight as a young woman and her country passion with annual trips to Waylon's birthplace in Littlefield, West Texas.

Waylon died at 64 on February 13, 2002, and is survived by singing spouse Jessi, now 80, and son Shooter, 44.


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