Melbourne duo Minor Gold and Port Fairy singer-songwriter Fleur Wiber headline Nu Country TV at 6.30 pm on Saturday November 4.

Tyler Reese Tritt - daughter of outlaw Georgian actor and singer Travis Tritt - and Texan Jordan Rainer appear in a Behind Bars double shot on the show repeated on Tuesday at 1 am.

Texan fireball America Allen and Wisconsin born Ashley Cooke and Californian Nate Smith debut on the program filmed and edited by our loyal producer and co-host Laith Graham.

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Expatriate Canadian Tracy McNeil and fellow singer-songwriter Dan Parsons boomerang to our show with another new video after their live debut 15 years ago in Melbourne.

Tracy, now 49, released five solo and Good Life band albums before writing 10 songs with Parsons for this disc produced with Hugh Middleton in Brisbane.

They proved how love can conquer all with Halloween style imagery in Don't Change where they frocked up to drive home their message on a hand-made stone bridge.

Don't Change is on their new self-titled album Minor Gold.

They tour Victoria , South Australia and Queensland this month before Thirroul Music Festival on December 3.

Further info - https://www.minorgoldmusic.com/


Port Fairy belle Fleur Wiber returns to Nu Country with her type of Armour.

Fleur's music is described as mermaid country - far from where she was born in Hamilton and raised in Macedon.

Wiber graduated from Berkely University in California and lived in Europe where she wrote and performed her songs before living and recording in Sydney.

She wrote and recorded Armour with expat Kiwi singer-songwriter Matt Joe Gow.

Armour follows her videos Neon Sign, Walk Me, There is Always Hope and I'll Go South from her new album Paramatta River released on June 28.

Fleur debuted on our show in a cryptic cemetery stroll in her Walk Me video directed by Sydney film maker Kate Vinen with whom she has collaborated with for more than 10 years in Sydney.

Michael Carpenter produced her album with Jy Perry Banks on pedal steel.

Further info - https://www.facebook.com/FleurWiberMusic/


Tyler Reese Tritt - daughter of outlaw Georgian actor and singer Travis Tritt - debuts on Behind Bars with her form of lighting.

Tyler, now 25, explores a cheating metaphor for a Lothario lover in her Porch Light video.

She released her debut album Perfect in 2013.

Porch Light and Texas Hold Him are on her new EP.

Tyler, eldest child of Travis and his wife Theresa, toured with her dad and opened shows for Sheryl Crow and Runaway June.

"He didn't even want me to do music," revealed Tyler who lives with two adopted kittens.

“When I went to him when I was graduating and told him that this was what I wanted to do, he literally tried to talk me out of it and get me to do anything else. When I finally told him that wasn't gonna happen, he was like, 'Alright. Well, I had to do this on my own. So you have to do this on your own. I'll help you - I'll give you advice whenever you need - but for the most part you're on your own and you've gotta figure this out.'"

Tritt debuted over a decade ago with a father-daughter duet rendition of Don Henley and Patty Smyth's Sometimes Love Just Ain't Enough.

"I'm definitely a huge '90s country person," Tyler explained.

"You know, songs that tell stories. Songs that have meaning. I feel like both Porch Light and Texas Hold Him are very much my vibe and very much in the same category. Most of the music I'll be doing will probably be very similar. I'm very much into the throwback vibes."

Her dad Travis, now aged 60, released a gospel album Country Chapel in September.

It was his 21st album.

Further info - www.tylerreesetrittofficial.com


Jordan Rainer took over old 18th century Texas western town Los Trece in her Straight Shot debut on our show.

She strutted her stuff near Early in Brown County - originally a 13 acre lavender field - and roused dudes from their saloon chairs before being arrested by the local sheriff.

But the woman in black singer, born in small Oklahoma town Durant and raised in Texas, also escaped from her jail cell and headed back to the streets armed with her guitar and new amigo.

Jordan, aged 33, wrote Straight Shot with Brett Boyett and Will Champlin and recent single You Made A Rock with Shayne Porter.

She moved to Nashville eight years ago with her husband and dog and released her Revolver EP and Crossfire album.

Jordan inherited love of music from her parents Jeff and Robin Self - music ministers in their local church and guitar and voice teachers.

She turned all chairs on The Voice with the Reba McEntire song Fancy.

Further info - https://www.jordanrainerofficial.com/


Texan fireball and Rockport rebel America Allen first burned up the charts with Two Joints In and Miss Me in 2022.

This time she performs escapist song video As Fast As I Could that she wrote with producer Jude Dyllan for her new album John Wayne.

America started singing at her uncle's New Beginnings church in Rockport when she was 6 years old.

In 2007 she moved to Ardmore , Oklahoma and was influenced by grandfather, Robert Whitstine, who started The Whitstine Brothers duo with his brother Charles.

They toured with Porter Wagoner and Little Jimmy Dickens, recorded bluegrass/gospel albums and Grammy Nominees for their album Old Time Duets in 1989.

Robert was a veteran of the Vietnam War which persuaded America to campaign for injured troops at her concerts.

In 2022 she recorded an EP with Fort Worth producer Dyllan at Red Dirt Recording Studio that featured the singles Two Joints In in May 2022 and Miss Me in July 2022.

Allen writes all her own music and has been compared to Texan Miranda Lambert.

Further info - https://americaallen.com/


Wisconsin born latter day Californian Ashley Cooke and California born Nate Smith prove they are true travellers.

Ashley moved to California to support her sister Jenn's acting career after heading to Florida with her family when she was just 15.

Cooke hit Nashville at 18 and attended Belmont University , debuted on Grand Ole Opry in June and toured with major artists including Cole Swindell and Luke Bryan.

Cooke and Smith perform their video See You Around - one of 24 tracks Ashley wrote for new album Shot In The Dark inspired by true tales of love, heartbreak and moments in between.

Ashley, now 26, appeared on American ABC TV show The Bachelorette.

Nate hails from Paradise in California and wrote 19 of the 26 songs for his self-titled Top 30 Billboard deluxe debut disc that featured I Don't Wanna Go To Heaven, Whiskey on You, I Found You and Wreckage.

After returning to Paradise in 2018 Smith's home burned down in the Butte County Camp Fire - it inspired his breakout song One of These Days and World On Fire.

Although Nate's family survived he found solace in his music, using a loaned guitar to write One of These Days.

“It was just to help me process, I guess,” Smith, now 37, revealed.

“And then hopefully help other people, too.”

Further info - https://ashleycooke.com/

Further info - https://www.natesmithofficial.com/


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Barbara was admired for rising above losing her sight as a young woman and her country passion with annual trips to Waylon's birthplace in Littlefield, West Texas.

Waylon died at 64 on February 13, 2002, and is survived by singing spouse Jessi, now 80, and son Shooter, 44.


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