Virginian band Old Dominion headline Nu Country TV Series 50 finale on Saturday February 26 at 9.30 pm.

Fellow Virginians Old Crow Medicine Show return to the program filmed and edited by our multi-talented lockdown producer-host Laith Graham.

North Carolina CMA Entertainer of year Luke Combs and Texan Creed Fisher also boomerang this week.

Van Diemen's Land band The Wolfe Brothers and Snowy Mountains minstrel Fanny Lumsden close the show with a double shot of small town videos.

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Virginian band Old Dominion mix music and mirth when they hit the water in I Was On A Boat That Day from fourth album Time, Tequila & Therapy.

The band formed in Nashville in 2007 after writing hits for diverse artists and perform as Old Dominion - nickname of home state Virginia.

They played 2018 CMC Rocks Queensland festival before returning home where they filmed Never Be Sorry and mini-documentary to support previous video Some People Do.

It details celebrity men's groomer Jason Schneidman who worked with Old Dominion after being homeless and overcoming drug addiction.

Jason helps Los Angeles homeless, providing free haircuts with those battling addiction issues and funds scholarships to rehab centres.

The band supported Schneidman's Men's Groomer Foundation that helps people get off the street and back on their feet.

The foundation works with rehabs in California providing funding through sales of Schneidman's products.

Old Dominion appeared on Nu Country with Dancing Forever, Make It Sweet, Hotel Key, Written In The Sand, Be With Me, Song From Another Time, Shoe Shopping and No Such Thing As A Broken Heart.

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Dual Grammy winners Old Crow Medicine Show also celebrate a joyous journey as they recreate images from their youth in a small Virginian village.

Paint This Town Is title track of the sextet's 13th album out on April 22.

The Travis Nicholson directed video shows young versions of members in their 23 year career.

"This song is about growing up in a small town and having to make fun wherever you could find it," bandleader Ketch Secor revealed.

"Our band has always drawn its inspiration from those elemental American places, where water towers profess town names, where the Waffle House and the gas station are the only spots to gather. This is the scenery for folk music in the 21st century. And the John Henry's and Casey Jones of today are the youth who rise up out of these aged burgs undeterred, undefeated, and still kicking."

They co-produced the album with Matt Ross-Spang at their Hartland Studio.

"At the end of the day, we're still just trying to stop you on the street and get you to put a dollar in the guitar case," bassist Morgan Jahnig explained.

"Then once we've got your attention, we're gonna tell you about things like the opioid epidemic and the Confederate flag and what's happening with the environment, but we're gonna do it with a song and dance. We feel a great obligation to talk about the more difficult things happening out there in the world, but we also feel obligated to make sure everyone's having a great time while we do it."

Paint This Town follows eight studio albums and three live discs.

They fronted Nu Country with two vivid videos depicting pandemic pain, survival on prayers and iso music on a trip that exposed poverty, racism, suffering families and children in their Pray For America video.

They also exposed the disease's debilitating impact as they coughed despite masking up in their live Quarantined video.

Old Crow debuted in Australia at 2009 CMC Rocks The Snowys Festival and Forum in Melbourne in 2009 before returning in 2017.

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North Carolina nouveau outlaw Luke Combs returns to Behind Bars in a tiny town double shot video with former duo companion Adam Church.

Combs found historic footage of their duo in their hometown before Adam broke his leg on his Nashville arrival.

Luke, 31, traces his story in their video for Doing This that he performed on 2021 CMA Awards

Combs and Church relived the story as Adam plans a music city career return.

Doing This follows Luke's two chart topping deluxe albums.

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West Texan Creed Fisher visits another tiny town in his Nu Country return.

Creed hails from way out west in Odessa but hangs his hat in New Braunfels - south of Austin.

Creed, 48, visited Canyon High school in New Braunfels and evangelical Lutheran Church St Martin.

This Town is on his fourth album Whiskey And The Dog.

Fisher wrote 11 songs solo and three - including Jesus, Haggard & Jones - with Mark Jones.

It also includes Life Of A Working Man and The Way That I Am.

Creed describes his music as “a rollercoaster of emotions; laughs, cheers with drinks and songs that will make you want to cry. I hope fans walk away knowing that I'm still in the trenches fighting this battle for real country music. We haven't lost a step; if anything, this album is stronger than ever and shows that Creed Fisher is a force to be reckoned with in Outlaw Country Music."

Further info - https://creedfisher.net/


Snowy Mountains minstrel Fanny Lumsden returns with her small town tribute.

The Tooma troubadour and five time Golden Guitarist visited Tumbarumba shops to illustrate her journey.

Fanny, now 34, was 38 weeks pregnant when she drove a big rig in a wedding dress in her Tidy Town video for her third album Fallow.

“Tidy Town is a song about the classic tale of don't be too quick to judge and how cliches always seem to cloud our view of the truth, and although they have their place there is always more to the story,” Fanny revealed.
“We wanted to capture this in the Tidy Town Clip by almost making the visuals confusing. 38 weeks pregnant, in a wedding dress, driving a B Double is not really what you expect, but it really paints the picture of there clearly being more to the story, so you have to trust and go with it. This tidy town it's got nothing to hide, but there's more than meets the eye.'

The album is followed by sequel Fallow Part 2, in Fallow & Variations on March 11.

The 2020 ARIA Awards best country artist winner appeared on Nu Country with Dig from Fallow that also won female artist, album, single, video and alternate country album of year Golden Guitars.

She recorded with husband Dan Stanley Freeman and Matt Fell in a stone hut studio on their farm on the western side of the Snowy Mountains .

Fanny's band raised funds for Snowy Mountains survivors at her concerts after the 2019-2020 mountain mega fires and during the pandemic.

Her album celebrates incredible surroundings caught in the horrendous bushfires - the poignant cover image illustrates devastating impact of the valley fires.

Fanny is on the road again with her band and son Walter who was born in July 2018 and appeared in her videos.

She fronted Nu Country with videos for Mountain Song, This Too Shall Pass , Pretty Little Fools and Troy Cassar Daley, William Crichton, Pete Denahy and others in a collage of childhood memories and rural survivors in Real Men Don't Cry (War On Pride).

Her new album features reinterpretations of singles This Too Shall Pass, Dig, Fierce, These Days, Grown Ups and Tidy Town.

Fallow & Variations features Fanny, Freeman and guests in studio with Matt Fell to show another side to fallow.

“I feel like there was so much more to explore with fallow, that often you get to experience out sharing the songs and stories with people face to face, however due to the fact that touring was stilted so many times, we had to find different ways to tell the stories and explore the songs a little more,” Fanny explained.

“It feels a little exciting and a little, almost akin to relief, to share the songs in a different way.”

Further info - http://www.fannylumsden.net/


Van Diemen's land band Wolfe Brothers celebrate another town in their return after playing at the Ashes cricket test in Hobart.

They chose Queensland village Texas to illustrate Small Town Song from fifth album Kids On Cassette.

The band recorded it in Tom Wolfe's home studio at their 120 year-old Fairy Glen berry farm near Neika in the deep south of Tasmania .

With only 217 residents in Neika it's not hard to find but don't go to the post office - it closed in 1969.

Tom and Nick Wolfe toured with Corryong born country star Lee Kernaghan and played Canada with expat Gippsland star Gord Bamford who joined them on Australian tours.

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George, Waylon, Merle and Willie Nelson were among country historian Barbara Dowling's favourite Texans.

The Waylon, Highwaymen , Merle and George discs were donated by Barbara who died at 77 in December, 2020.

She co-hosted Long In The Saddle in our Nu Country FM era and was pioneer Australian and Victorian country music awards judge.

Barbara was admired for rising above losing her sight as a young woman and her country passion with annual trips to Waylon's birthplace in Littlefield, West Texas.

Waylon died at 64 on February 13, 2002, and is survived by singing spouse Jessi, now 78, and son Shooter, 42.


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