The Cyrus clan - Bobby, Teddi and Billy Ray - headline Nu Country TV on Saturday October 30 at 9.30 pm on Channel 31/Digital 44.

South Carolina Covid-19 survivor Lee Brice returns to the show hosted by our multi-talented lockdown host-producer-editor Laith Graham.

Californian Madison Hudson and brothers Austin and Chad Thomas, Colt Ford and Tim Chance debut in Behind Bars on the program repeated Wednesday at 11.30 pm.

Novocastrian singer-songwriters Katie Brianna and Troy Kemp close our show with a wedding double shot.

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Former Kentucky coal mining executive Bobby Cyrus and singing spouse Teddi enlisted famed cousin Billy Ray to save their souls in their Nu Country return.

They headed back to their church of choice - a barn - to exorcise their virus in their Roll That Rock Away video from their new album Homeplace.

"When I started singing Roll That Rock my inner spirit said, Bobby Cyrus will know exactly what to do with this. He did,” Billy Ray, now 60, revealed of the new song with younger cousin Bobby.

“He wrote the Gospel truth and then sang the daylights out of it with Teddi and a killer bluegrass band reminiscent of Earl Scruggs and Bill Monroe. All I can say is get ready for the energy of this track as you'll find yourself with your hands up in the air and ready for Sunday service.”

Bobby began in church choirs in the East Kentucky hills.

“We felt a very special vibe about this project from the start,” Bobby explained.

“It seemed to connect everyone involved in a very spiritual way. It was like everyone was looking around during pre-production and knew this was going to matter and touch people! Then as the evening sun began to drift down and reveal itself through the ancient boards of that old barn where we were shooting, it was showtime. It embodies the joy, happiness, excitement, and peace of salvation, it's a group of musicians and singers just celebrating Jesus!”

They debuted on Nu Country with Preaching, Praying Soul Saving Man, inspired by Teddi's grandfather Teddy Shannon.

Further info - https://teddiandbobbycyrus.com/home

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South Carolina Covid survivor Lee Brice chose different medicine in his recovery - his More Beer video from fifth album Hey World released in 2020.

Lee, 42, was diagnosed with Covid before the 54th CMA Awards in Nashville in November.

The father of three cancelled his guest role with Kentuckian singer-songwriter Carly Pearce.

Carly appeared on Nu Country with Lee on I Hope You Are Happy Now on her second album released on Valentines' Day, 2020.

It's also on Lee's album Hey World that features More Beer and the title track single.

Carly wrote I Hope You Are Happy Now with Luke Combs, Randy Montana and Jonathan Singleton.

Brice and Georgian Kip Moore toured Australia together in 2018.

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Californian singer-songwriter Madison Hudson debuts in Behind Bars with a love-hate song for her hometown.

Madison hails from Wheatland in sunny California and toured with Devin Dawson to promote previous single The Driver.

She returned to Wheatland to film her I Hate This Town video on her new album Silver Lining released this year.

“I like to follow my own trail and create my own path,” Hudson revealed.

“I am born and raised in the small town of Wheatland , California . With living in a small town, I feel like I have grown to find deeper connections with others and grew up differently than most would. I graduated in 2014 a year earlier than I should've. So I walked the stage and received my diploma at the age of 16. It was one of my biggest accomplishments. My purpose behind it, was the fact that I wanted to begin my career as soon as I possibly could. I performed throughout my high school years. I even somehow talked my parents into buying music equipment with the college funds. I promised that I would pay for school with the money I made from performing. I am now going three years strong in college. I just finished my degree in Business Administration and now I am beginning my journey with two more degrees, communications and marketing. I always heard that degrees are best in threes.”

Further info - https://www.madisonhudsonmusic.com/


Brothers Austin and Chad Thomas are joined by Colt Ford and Tim Chance in a gym jam of sorts in Behind Bars.

The Alabama brothers parked their truck on a dance floor with country rapper Ford and Chance and filmed the video for Hillbilly Shake Shake-A-Leg on their EP Paradox.

This track debuted in April 2020 and Ford reached out to brothers AC Thomas to record a remix of the song and video but Covid disrupted the release.

“This was a one take performance music video,” videographer Raymond Spencer revealed.

“The diversity & unity of this shoot shows how much we've come together in these trying times, and how we can all come together to uplift and support each other. The video is infused with frequencies intended to help heal the human body by stimulating the blood cells. You will feel the opening bass drop and descend from your brain to the bottom of your feet, then the ride takes off.”

Further info - http://acthomasmusic.com/


Novocastrian singer-songwriter Troy Kemp opens our wedding double shot with video from his wedding to wife Aleesha with guests, kids, cakes and floral arrangements.

Troy fronted his band on the big day in his Happy Ever After video - a song he wrote to Aleesha for their wedding.

Kemp wants to share his song and video with the world in hope men might use it tell their partners how they feel about them.

“It's a guy telling his wife all that he feels about her and their future life together on their wedding day,” Troy revealed.

“The promises and vows made to care for, to love and to support her from that day until the very end.”

Troy also made three albums with McAlister Kemp before 2017 solo disc Against The Grain and co-wrote the title track of Blue Mountains belle Jayne Denham's fifth album Wanted after a duet with her on Hung Up On You.

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Further info - https://www.troykempofficial.com/


Fellow Novocastrian Katie Brianna exudes bridal joy on a beach in her return with her Wedding Ring video from her third album This Way or Some Other on Stanley Records.

Brianna reveals doubts that even the happiest of married couples can relate to.

In the chorus she sings, "was it ever meant to go some way or other/ I thought by now I'd be a mother/ I'd have my shit together now/ I don't know what to do about us."

Katie explained "it's even more personal than a lot of my other songs, but it's not too dissimilar. I am used to just blurting it all out there. I don't see a reason to hide. It's not everyone's cup of tea, is it? But it's therapeutic for me. I'm gonna let it all out and you either like it or you don't.”

Katie, now 32, was 15 when she sang on Paul Kelly's 2006 Jindabyne movie soundtrack.

Brianna left Newcastle at 18 and moved to the Blue Mountains with her boyfriend but admits it was a difficult adjustment as she struggled with depression and anxiety.

Further info - https://www.katiebrianna.com/


George Jones, Waylon Jennings, Merle Haggard and Willie Nelson were among country historian Barbara Dowling's favourite Texans.

You can win Waylon, Highwaymen , Merle and George discs donated by Barbara who died at 77 in December by becoming a Nu Country TV member or renewing your membership.

She co-hosted Long In The Saddle in our Nu Country FM era and was pioneer Australian and Victorian country music awards judge.

Barbara was admired for rising above losing her sight as a young woman and her country passion with annual trips to Waylon's birthplace in Littlefield, West Texas.

Waylon died at 64 on February 13, 2002, and is survived by singing spouse Jessi, now 78, and son Shooter, 42.


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