Memphis born singer-songwriter and author Rosanne Cash headlines Nu Country TV on Saturday February 13 at 9.30 pm on Channel 31/Digital 44.

Texan Granger Smith returns to the show repeated Wednesday at 10.30 pm and Thursday 4.30 am.

Georgian Kip Moore and Steve Martin's bluegrass band Steep Canyon Rangers appear in Behind Bars on the program filmed and edited by our multi-talented lockdown host Laith Graham.

Expat Australian singer Jamie O'Neal and Northern NSW duo Watling & Bates return this week.

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Four time Grammy winner Rosanne Cash follows late dad Johnny as a graphic story-teller on her Nu Country return.

Rosanne, now 65, has toured here three times and celebrates resilient heroes and heroines rising above challenges

She wrote her latest empowerment parable before the U.S. election and urged the down-trodden to cast their vote for equality and changes.

Cash reached back to historical ground breakers to drive messages on streets and fields of her homeland.

Rosanne created vivid imagery for Crawl Into The Promised Land.

She wrote it with her second singing spouse - six time Grammy winner John Leventhal, 68, who produced the song and album and provides backing vocals with his son Jakob and Sarah Jarosz.

She preaches dissent and patriotism and parodies Trump tweets that divided her country.

“We can get back to our dream of America, where the enemy is an individual burden, inside each of us, aching for a truce,” Cash revealed.

“We're exhausted. We're disoriented. But I know we have the strength and will to deliver ourselves.”

Cash dedicated song proceeds to Arkansas Peace & Justice Memorial Movement - “an educational online memorial to commemorate the victims of lynchings in the State of Arkansas in collaboration with Equal Justice Initiative and Coming to the Table. ”

The video intersperses studio footage of Rosanne with images of protest marches and iconic John Lewis and Ruth Bader Ginsburg.

“The song required a visual corollary. I wanted to connect the past and the present,” Cash says.

“ The Voting Rights Act , and Women's March of 2017 , the Civil Rights movement and Black Lives Matter protestors, Harriet Tubman and Ruth Bader Ginsburg, the workers in the cotton fields and the lives of those of us who live in privilege because of them, and the necessary gratitude for the humanity we share.”

Crawl Into The Promised Land follows her 16 solo albums and four self-penned books.

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Dallas born Granger Smith is joined by wife Amber and their children in Texas as he exudes love for country living.

They celebrate solace after the drowning death of their son River, aged just three, on the title track of his 10th album Country Things.

The death of River changed the album release date and theme of songs including That's Why I Love Dirt Roads.

“My life is just different now. Or maybe a better way to put it is, I see life differently now,” Smith, now 41, revealed.

“This collection focuses on the things that money and politics and status can't buy. The things that you can centre on and I want to live my life for. The things you want to raise your kids with and find joy in. The country things.”

Granger also records and performs as Earle Dibbles Jr and toured with Fawkner born Jasmine Rae in 2018.

They played Village Green, Glen Waverley, CMC Rocks Queensland and Groundwater festival Broadbeach.

He also appeared on Nu Country with cinematic video Tailgate Town on eighth album Remington and Happens Like That and You're In It from ninth album When The Good Guys Win.

You're In It stars wife Amber as getaway driver for a crew of bank robbers played by Texas country artists Parker McCollum and Koe Wetzel trying to get cash to save his grandfather's farm.

Smith moved to Nashville at 19 for five years and performed for American troops in Iraq and Kuwait in 2008.

Granger lives in Texas with Amber, whom he met in one of several of his video clips in which she appeared, their daughter and two sons.

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Further info - http://www.grangersmith.com/


Five time Grammy winner Steve Martin's North Carolina bluegrass band Steep Canyon Rangers return live to Behind Bars with a powerful video.

They perform Every River, written by band banjo player Graham Sharp and Phil Barker, from 16 th album Arm In Arm at Southern Ground studio in Nashville.

In 2013 their solo album Nobody Knows You won the Grammy for Best Bluegrass Album.

The previous year Rare Bird Alert, their collaboration with Steve, was nominated for the same award.

Steep Canyon Rangers often appeared on Nu Country - with and without Waco born Martin, now 75.

They toured here in 2019 with Steve and Martin Short and headlined The Arena on November 11.

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Georgian Kip Moore performs new single Don't Go Changing live in his return to Behind Bars.

Moore, 40, shot the video directed by Alex Ferrari at indie Nashville venues The 5 Spot, The End, The Basement, Mercy Lounge and Exit/In as a call to action to fans to support and donate to Music Venue Alliance Nashville.

The organization's goal was to help independent music venues survive during the pandemic and retain and nurture the eco-system of Nashville's music scene.

Moore 's 2020 Australian tour with Jimmie Allen was cancelled because of the pandemic.

So, in absentia, he fronted a choir in a valley beyond the ocean in his previous video In The Wild in the Mojave Desert in California.

In The Wild is one of 13 original songs he wrote for his self-produced fourth album Wild World .

“I know it's an unsettling time for a lot of people right now, and so my hope is that this music can bring even just one person some peace,” Moore revealed.

“I try to make music that reaches people in a pure sense – something that's light and easy to carry with you, but 1000 pounds of weight at the same time, and I think Wild World is just a depiction of what I see. Life is one crazy, wild ride. But it can be so simple if we look for the right things, and I think that is more important than ever right now.”

Kip played 2018 CMC Rocks Queensland festival and Melbourne Forum with Lee Brice and Charlie Worsham.

Moore, one of six children, debuted at Snowy Mountains country festival at Thredbo and CMC Rocks Queensland in 2016.

He also produced a 33 minute documentary The Journey To Slowheart .

Don't Go Changing is on the deluxe version of Wild World.

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Expatriate Sydney singer-songwriter Jamie O'Neal returns with her latest video.

Jamie, now 54, took a six-year recording hiatus long after breaking in America with her hit There Is No Arizona

Jamie's husband Rodney Good and co-writer Hannah Bethel guested on Wreck Me from her fourth album Sometimes.

She wrote the steamy single with Hannah and Rachael Lynae.

“It tells the story of instant, fiery chemistry, real, true life sparks because Hannah and her boyfriend Chris played the roles perfectly,” Jamie explained.

"I hope it resonates with lovers everywhere."

Martina McBride, Sara Evans and Jamie's daughter Aliyah appear on the album, released in October.

Further info - https://www.jamieoneal.com/


Northern NSW duo Watling & Bates update Ned Kelly's last stand in their return.

Jeffrey Bates and Dr Kym Watling call their music Gothic hillbilly honkytonk.

They released Such Is Life 2020 on Melbourne Cup Day as a tribute to horseman Ned 140 years after his last stand

Ned was executed at Pentridge on November 11, 1880.

Such Is Life remembers the Kelly story against a backdrop of contemporary Australia coming to terms with its own lack of freedom and contentiousness of truth.

Producer and guitarist Thor Phillips and drummer Marcus Schintler deliver a hard rock edge, with old-time feel of Watling & Bates bridging firmly to the colonial past.

The Melbourne Cup Day release of Such Is Life 2020 acknowledged Kelly's renown as a horseman.

Watling & Bates updated the historic saga inside their Unumgar home in northern rivers area of NSW.

They previously appeared on our show with videos for Ciderville, Old Times and Dead of The Night from their latest album Small Town Tales.

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