Virginia band Old Dominion headlines Nu Country TV on Saturday January 30 at 9.30 pm on Channel 31/Digital 44.

Texan Charley Crockett and Illinois singer-songwriter Brett Eldredge return in a driving double shot in Behind Bars on the show repeated Wednesday at 10.30 pm and Thursday 4.30 am.

Kalamazoo born Ryan Hurd appears on the program filmed and edited by multi-talented lockdown host Laith Graham.

Former Jindabyne jackeroo Brad Cox and Blue Mountains minstrel Jed Zarb also return.

Nu Country TV is a highlight of C 31 streaming list on Digital 44.

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Virginian quintet Old Dominion return with an energised video filmed live on a crowded couch.

The band formed in Nashville in 2007 after writing hits for diverse artists and perform as Old Dominion - nickname of home state Virginia.

They played 2018 CMC Rocks Queensland festival before returning to the U.S. where they filmed Never Be Sorry from their self-titled fourth album.

Old Dominion released a mini-documentary to support previous video Some People Do.

It details celebrity men's groomer Jason Schneidman who worked with Old Dominion after being homeless and overcoming drug addiction.

Jason helps Los Angeles homeless, providing free haircuts to connect with those battling addiction issues and funds scholarships to rehab centres.

Last February the band supported Schneidman's Men's Groomer Foundation that helps people get off the street and back on their feet.

The foundation works with rehabs in California providing funding through sales of Schneidman's products.

Band member Brad Tursi wrote Light It Up with Luke Bryan on his sixth chart topping album What Makes You Country that he toured here to promote.

Old Dominion also appeared on Nu Country with Dancing Forever, Make It Sweet, Hotel Key, Written In The Sand, Be With Me, Song From Another Time, Shoe Shopping and No Such Thing As A Broken Heart .

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Ryan Hurd found more than songwriting success when he chased musical dreams from Kalamazoo in Michigan to Nashville.

Hurd moved to Nashville as a songwriter and won a Grammy nomination for writing Blake Shelton-Ashley Monroe hit Lonely Tonight.

He also penned songs for Arizona singing pilot Dierks Bentley, Lady Antebellum, Floridian Jake Owen, Tim McGraw and other major artists.

Ryan, now 34, wed Texan singer Maren Morris on March 24, 2018 after they met while writing singing actor McGraw's hit Last Turn Home.

Hurd was joined in the studio by his band to recall his joyous meeting with Maren on Every Other Memory on his new album that follows several EPS.

Hurd sang of his romance with Morris in previous video Love In A Bar .

Love In A Bar is very much an autobiographical song about my relationship with Maren Morris,” Hurd revealed.

“I met Maren writing songs and I met her when I was starting to have success. We wrote Last Turn Home that Tim McGraw recorded. We would write and then after we'd go over to a bar in midtown and have a couple of beers. That's when we started making a real connection, beyond a creative partnership.”

In Morris's spaghetti western video Rich , set in a Tucson movie town, she played a bounty hunter who roped Ryan cast as Buffalo Hurd.

Further info - http://www.ryanhurd.com/


Brett Eldredge found a safe road to play piano while his family enjoyed a Sunday Drive in his latest video.

There was no sign of his rescue dog Edgar - his dining date in historic Love Someone video.

Brett, 34, hails from Paris - Illinois (not France ) - and was scheduled to play Melbourne before the Dandemic.

His 2019 Australian tour with Californian Jon Pardi included the historic Forum theatre in Melbourne CBD.

Sunday Drive is title track of Brett's fifth album released on July 10.

Eldredge changed the name of a former lover in his Gabrielle video - first single on Sunday Drive.

His previous The Long Way video was shot outside Nashville and featured him driving reality TV star Sadie Robertson of Duck Dynasty in a Chevrolet Impala.

Brett locked up younger brother Brice in his Drunk On Your Love video when he performed as cop and singer trying to woo the same girl in a night on the town.

He has strong bluegrass links - cousin Terry plays with the Grascals who perform with singing actress Dolly Parton.

Brett debuted on Nu Country in 2011 with a war song dating back to 1943.

Eldredge took viewers inside a nursing home in Raymond - poignant tale of an employee mistaken by a patient with Alzheimer's for her deceased son who was killed at war.

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Texan Charley Crockett hitched a ride in a pick-up truck with card tricks in his latest video where he climbed mountains, found phones but lost a mystery woman on his not so joyous journey.

Charley, 36, and his two siblings were raised in a Texas trailer park by their mum.

He toured here several times to promote his music on his indie Son Of Davy label

Fool Somebody Else is on his eighth album Welcome To Hard Times, released on July 31.

Crockett debuted on Nu Country with Run Horse Run - one of multiple videos shot in the Sierra Nevada with co-director Bobby Cochran with two constants - an alarm clock and canary yellow rotary phone.

Charley recorded Welcome to Hard Times , in Valdosta , Georgia , and wrote Don't Cry with Dan Auerbach of the Black Keys .

Crockett exploits reality rooted family trauma in his songs - he lost a sister to addiction and nearly died from a rare heart condition.

The twice-convicted felon sang on the Grand Ole Opry and his mixed ancestry is topical.

“I don't like labels but if that ain't country I don't know what is,” Crockett says.

“Though I've benefited greatly from my whiteness, I have never fully identified with any race. So I've lived as an outcast at war with myself in a society that I both love and hate at the same time. My music tells this story. If you don't know how race or class affects experience, it's the first sign of privilege.

“My entering country music has been controversial to say the least but I believe country fans have more eclectic tastes than they are given credit for.

“My country music is inspired by what I played in the subway car so I could eat, in the French Quarter in ragtag bands. I sat in pastures on farms across this country putting it all together into my own sound.”

Further info - http://www.charleycrockett.com/


Brad Cox hails from Jindabyne in the Snowy Mountains and wrote songs about his life as a Northern Territory stockman

The 39th Tamworth Starmaker winner, now 25, also opened shows for Brett Eldredge, Jon Pardi and Randy Houser on pre-pandemic tours.

This week he is rescued by a blonde belle after his truck broke down in the mountains in his Short Lived Love video.

Short Lived Love was born out of wanting love that was not returned.

“I thought I had a good thing going, but it turned out that I was far more invested than her,” Brad revealed.

“I stewed on it for so many months thinking that the only way to feel better was to get her back and looking back, God was I dumb.”

When the pandemic hit, Brad found solitude driving a tractor up to seventeen hours a day and writing songs including new singles Give Me Tonight, Drinking Season and Remedy featuring Adam Eckersley.

Short Lived Love is on his second album My Mind's Projection, released in November.

My Mind's Projection is a snapshot of songs that I've written, things that I've done and things that I've experienced in the last three years,” Cox explained.

“It's what I've felt and seen and done and heard and then felt again all rolled into one.”

It features collaborations with Nashville songwriters Dan Isbell, Randy Montana and Alyssa Trahan.

“I wrote Drinking Season with Dan Isbell,” Cox revealed.

“He's a great friend of Luke Combs and he's such a champion. He and I have become pretty good mates and I've written with him a bunch of times over Zoom and while I'm in Nashville .”

Most of the album was written in Australia - singer-songwriter Joe Mungovan co-wrote five of 11 tracks.

“He's a Kiama local, one of my nearest and dearest mates,” says Cox.

“Anyone exposing themselves on a public platform wonders whether they're sharing too much or things like that, but I know that I signed up as a songwriter and I'm pretty comfortable with who I am and who I'm not.

I went into this record not trying to write radio hits or what I think would work live, but what I needed to write. I trusted what I did last time in the hope that it'll do the same thing – if I'm honest with myself, then my fans will back me.”

Cox broke in 2018 with his self-titled debut album and singles Red Light, Too Drunk to Drive, Lake House and Water On The Ground that earned him two Golden Guitar nominations.

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Blue Mountains minstrel Jed Zarb returns to a bushfire retreat - one of his favourite pubs in his return.

Jed and his trio enjoyed front porch picking at Archibald Hotel and way beyond high in the mountains with fire fighters and their families.

His Archibald Hotel heritage video pays tribute to Bilpin and Kurrajong Heights communities after the 2020 bushfires.

“I just wanted to capture and document a moment of incredible community cohesion during which the Archibald Hotel in Kurrajong played a central role,” Jed revealed.

Zarb sings with community members, publicans and volunteer firefighters in the hotel and Blue Mountains.

“Filming is always fun,” explained Jed who spent 10 years in the RAAF.

“What a blast. It was just a great opportunity to show the world what we have here in the Blue Mountains and to depict the great community spirit that lives here alongside our rich history.'

Archibald Hotel is on his Mountain Man EP out on October 30.

Zarb debuted on Nu Country with former Alice Springs journalist Dani Young on his Hillbilly Cider video.

Jed produced Mountain Man with musician/engineer Saul Santilli in his Riverstone studio.

Further info – https://musopromotions.com.au/jed-zarb/


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