“I'm a bad mamma-jamma/ fresh out of Savannah/ my people call me Hannah/ H-to-the-damn-to-the-d/ no, I ain't for everybody but I don't try to be/ if you like the sound of that/ you're gonna love me.” - You're Gonna Love Me - Hannah Dasher-Gordie Sampson-Thomas Archer-Andy Albert.

When former Georgian guitar slinger Hannah Dasher stormed the world with her Stand By Your Pan Tik-Tok recipes during the pandemic she was no flash in the pan.

Hannah landed deals with Fender Guitars and Sony Records and is working on her cookbook.

It all started at the age of three when she saw fellow Georgian born superstar Alan Jackson in concert and became the youngest member of his fan club aged seven.

Hannah's dad gifted her first guitar when she was 14.

“It was a Fender acoustic,” Hannah, now aged 35, told Tamworth Country Music Capital News and Nu Country TV in an interview from her East Nashville home.

“I wish I still had it. I had to sell it and other guitars to survive. I now have three Fender Player plus guitars including Patsy - a candy apple red.”

The singer, born near Savannah, moved to Nashville after graduating at Georgia university with journalism and music business degrees.

She took a job at Bass Pro Shops , in the same parking lot as the Grand Ole Opry, selling fishing boats and outboard motors.

“I lived in an attic on Belmont Blvd and slept on a mattress on the floor, I ate peanut butter and jelly and bologna sandwiches every day,” Hannah explained.

“I had a sub-lease for six months. I didn't have a kitchen. I had a refrigerator and a bathroom. I didn't know a soul around this town. I worked at Bass Pro shops by day.”


“This song is made for everybody/ to everybody that don't know/ little seed got planted when the song got sung/ that hailed Billy Booze man wrote/ country and music was born like a tree in the dirt/ and it came up strong and down to earth/ it's all about original/ everybody been original/ pull it up what's in the ground/ lived down on Tennessee, yeah.” - Tree - Casey Michael Beathard-Brandon Calvin Hood-Hannah Dasher.

She also began writing songs with peers and launched her Stand By Your Pan TIK-TOK videos in quarantine during the pandemic that earned more than 1.2 million followers and over 13 million likes.

It enabled her to move out of the attic and expand writing and recording.

“I'm renting a really nice house in an historical neighbourhood in the foothills of east Nashville,” Hannah explained.

“I'm living by myself - me and my pistol. I'm in a guest house in a big house where Waylon Jennings used to live. Charlie Daniels used to live there, some really cool people. I live like I look - 1979. When you look around everything is really old - one picture was hanging in Waylon Jennings office. The house is kind of a museum.”

Hannah featured her original songs on debut EP The Half Record , released on July 9.

She is now writing more songs and creating new videos for her album.

“I don't have a date for the full record but I am going to record some music shortly,” she added.

“I'm so keen to get that out in the world. Knowing me I tend to show a little more than I should.”

She filmed some videos in the barn at the late Patsy Cline's tree home.

“She and Charlie Dick purchased it in 1960-1961,” Hannah explained.

“It's so retro. We also recorded some songs from the Heartbreaker there. The Tree. You're Gonna Love Me. Tomorrow we release the song She

Hannah also used the late Don Williams tour bus for her You're Gonna Love Me video.

“A dear friend of mine bought Don Williams tour bus from early 70s and never redecorated it,” Hannah explained.

“The plan was to park the bus in the studio. The driver got the date wrong so filmed it on different days in different locations but we made it work.”

Hannah helped Fender launch their Player Plus campaign on September 14.

“I showcase the new guitars in candy apple red,” Hannah revealed.

“I wear a lot of red. I'm also helping Fender launch their Tik-Tok program. You might see me cooking through a guitar exhibition. I wear red bell bottoms with guitars on the front. They're wider than my thighs. I like to embrace my curves in my wild state. I have a big butt.”

And her Stand By Your Pan cook-book?

“I haven't picked a publisher yet but my agent and I are working on releasing it in fall next year,” Hannah explained.

But she launches her own line of tee shirts for the Christmas market.

“The tee shirts have lyrics on them,” she added.

“I sell tee shirts at concerts and on-line and Stand By Your Pan merch coming for Christmas. I'm so excited by that.”

And a post pandemic Australian tour?

“I love my Aussie friends. I can't wait to meet you all.”

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