Missouri minstrel Nathaniel Rateliff honours mentor Shotgun Willie Nelson in a double shot in Behind Bars on Nu Country TV on Saturday June 20 at 9.30 pm on Channel 31/Digital 44.

Rateliff performs his birthday song for Willie who turned 87 on April 29.

Willie returns the compliment with Still Not Dead Again Today .

Illinois born singer-songwriter Mo Pitney continues the humour on his return to the show repeated Tuesday 4.30 am, Wednesday 10.30 pm and Friday 1 am.

Former Louisiana Gubernatorial candidate Sammy Kershaw also reappears on the program filmed and edited by Laith Graham.

Expat Kiwi Matt Joe Gow, Highett bluegrass duo The Weeping Willows and Gippsland dairy farmer's son and latter day Scotch College secondary teacher and singer-songwriter Michael Waugh also boomerang.

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Missouri minstrel Nathaniel Rateliff listed Willie Nelson's song titles, longevity and herb superb diet in his song for Willie's 87th birthday on April 29.

The song is latest in Rateliff's Marigold Singles series that raises money for his Marigold Project Foundation for economic and social justice.

His video featured Lukas and Micah Nelson, Matthew Logan Vasquez, Nikki Lane and Courtney Marie Andrews as Mariachi horns and Mickey Raphael's evocative harmonica.

Rateliff debuted the song during Nelson's 4/20 variety show Come and Toke It.

Lyrics include “pass me that joint, it's Willie's birthday/wipe away all of your tears/The world's gone crazy but we still got Willie/and all the good things he's done for us here.”

Rateliff often appears at Willie's famed July 4 picnics but not this year unless it is streamed from Willie's movie town Luck, outside Austin .

That is where he played Willie's Luck reunion show with the extended Nelson family in March.

Rateliff, now 41, included Willie's Birthday Song on his seventh album And It's Still Alright in February.

Further info - https://www.nathanielrateliff.com/


Famed singing actor and prolific songwriter Willie Nelson returns with a sardonic psalm about premature predictions of his passing.

Willie celebrated his 87th birthday on April 29 at his Luck movie town with sons Lukas and Micah and fourth wife Annie.

Shotgun Willie has recorded 143 albums, starred in many movies and first toured here in 1981.

Still Not Dead Again Today is on his 2017 album God's Problem Child.

He credits his longevity to his hemp-infused products with Annie - Willie's Remedy Relief Balm and Willie's Remedy Tea.

Those healing products infused with full-spectrum hemp oil follow Willie's Remedy Coffee and Willie's Remedy Hemp Oil Tincture.

The Remedy Relief Balm is inspired by cannabis topical that Annie created in her kitchen and has used for years, with husband, band and numerous friends.

That muscle balm contains shea butter, coconut oil, and full spectrum hemp flower oil concentrate, menthol, plant-derived Vitamin E, organic lavender and CO2-extracted arnica concentrate.

Willie is also active in horse rescue at his ranch.

A previous video for album title track Ride Me Back Home featured Willie on horseback.

It is not clear if Willie supplies Her Majesty , also an active equestrian who turned 94 on April 21 (eight days before Willie's birthday), with his healing balms.

Ride Me Back Home was written by Sonny Throckmorton who was inspired after hearing of Willie's work adopting horses stabled at his Texas Hill Country ranch.

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Illinois minstrel Mo Pitney returns with some humorous sleeping advice for peers and newly-weds in isolation.

Mo, 27 and a new husband, speaks from experience in his Mattress On The Floor video that features a blue-collar couple struggling to make ends meet.

It shows the highs and lows as they face the obstacles presented by their finances but the end message is that love conquers all.

"The song is centred around the idea that no matter where you are and what you have, the greatest treasure is love and trust and finding that in someone that shares the same for you,” Mo revealed.

“You could have all the cars, money, fame and accolades that you wanted, but if you don't have that one thing that remains, you essentially have nothing.”

Mo and singing spouse Emily of The Bankesters bluegrass band, wed in March, 2016, in her home town Carbondale and have a daughter Evelyne.

“I can tell you I don't deserve either my wife or this new baby, and I've experienced unconditional love like I've never before,” Pitney revealed.

“Being a dad has helped me realise how much responsibility I have in front of me and recognize even more so my need for God's help in being father and husband.”

“Whenever we get to travel on the bus, they get to come,” added Pitney whose single Mattress On The Floor is a highlight of his second album Ain't Looking Back.

Mo's 13 track disc also features outlaw Jamey Johnson.

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Sammy Kershaw twice ran for governor of his home state Louisiana in 2010 and has graphic advice for a peer in his new video.

Thrice wed Sammy, now 62, told a true story of a friend suffering more than isolation.

He lost his home, friends, family and health because of ice addiction.

The My Friend Fred video is Kershaw's first in more than seven years.

"A lot of times we just kind of ignore or throw people like this away,” Kershaw revealed.

"I really believe that if we took the time to help them a little bit more and really show that we love them and that their life really does mean something, it might help the process of them finally getting rid of this terrible addiction. We all know a Fred."

The song, written by Billy Lawson and Ed Hill, was recorded at Wishbone Studios in Muscle Shoals, Alabama.

Kershaw is well versed to write about burning love.

The singer has a penchant for multiple marriages - his journey included six years from 2001-2007 as one of singer Lorrie Morgan's six ex-husbands.

Kershaw and Morgan, now 61, were partners on two duet albums and solo artists earlier in their careers.

Lorrie's singing spouses included Keith Whitley, Jon Randall Stewart and George Jones bassist Ron Gaddis.

Kershaw and Morgan recorded a vocal duet album in 2001 - I Finally Found Someone.

His only Top 40 hit was He Drinks Tequila And She Talks Dirty in Spanish.

Further info - www.sammykershaw.com


Gippsland dairy farmer's son Michael Waugh takes viewers on a trip back to his childhood and adolescence in his latest video.

The latter day Scotch College media and English teacher and house master is a mentor for many past and present students.

Some helped film his videos.

Michael, now 43, drove to his Glenmaggie youth locale where his passengers celebrated pies and cakes in the title track of third album The Weir .

It reaches back to his childhood where he dropped his change into the Guide Dog collection box after buying creaming soda, unforgettable pies and custard tarts from the Maffra bakery.

Sadly, Weir's father John died in January this year at 76 of a lung disease and his mother Eileen died in March at 69.

Both were subjects of his previous songs.

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Expat Kiwi Matt Joe Gow, now 40 and living in Melbourne , has developed a large fan base since arriving here.

He was joined by Highett bluegrass duo The Weeping Willows , neighbours of his pedal steel guitarist and Dead Livers co-founder Brendan Mitchell, in his latest video.

Too Far To Go is on Matt's fourth album out next year.

“The single was meant to be released at the start of my tour, alas no tour now, but I felt I should still release it anyways as I am really keen for folks to hear it,”

Gow revealed.

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