Prolific Golden Guitarist Adam Brand headlines Nu Country TV on Saturday April 18 at 9.30 pm on Channel 31/ Digital 44.

Bluegrass duo Darin and Brooke Aldridge honour Emmylou Harris on their return to the show hosted by Mid-Pacific Bob Olson and repeated Thursday at 5 am.

Texan Niko Moon, Kentucky singer-songwriter Adam Chaffins and Queensland cattle farmer singer-songwriter Camille Trail debut on the program filmed and edited by Laith Graham.

Canadian Cory Marks also returns this week.

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Adam Brand returns with a video that traces life journeys.

Brand, now 50, was born in Perth and raised in Colac and Wallington near Geelong before heading to Queensland.

Adam has won 12 Golden Guitars in his 30-year career.

Brand cancelled his 2020 national tour to have throat and vocal cord rehab.

The thrice wed singer star has a baby daughter Pepper, born last year who features in his videos.

Adam met her mum Nui in Thailand and now live on the Gold Coast.

Speed Of Life is title track of Adam's 17th album, released in March that features another video for Fly.

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North Carolina duo Darin and Brooke Aldridge celebrate heroes and heroines in their return.

They took a scenic trip down memory lane in Nashville before the tornadoes hit Tennessee.

Emmylou Harris and the late Gram Parsons and Johnny and June Carter Cash were among a collage of mentors in their video.

They performed First Aid Kit penned song Emmylou from their eighth album Inner Journey.

The duo debuted on Nu Country with Jimmy Fortune - lead singer with Statler Brothers for 21 years - in their Every Time You Leave video on their sixth album.

The band developed from a Darin idea after he joined Straight & Narrow in his early teens.

He then switched from banjo to mandolin before joining his first touring band Acoustic Syndicate , a folk/rock/bluegrass band.

Darin, now 43, joined The Country Gentlemen playing mandolin and singing harmony.

His career started in the family home in Avery County , rural northwestern North Carolina , adjacent to the Tennessee border.

His parents moved to Gaston County to be near his dad's base as a truck driver.

Brooke also grew up in Avery County in a staunchly Baptist community where she was baptized one January in a freezing creek behind the local church, home of her earliest singing.

“Music was intertwined in my family, so it came naturally to me,” Brooke says.

“My parents encouraged me at an early age.”

Darin and Brooke sang together in each other's bands, were engaged in 2008 and married later that year.

They released their first CD of gospel tunes in 2008.

Further info - https://www.darinandbrookealdridge.com/


Adam Chaffins honoured fellow Kentuckian Keith Whitley who died at 34 in 1989 on his Nu Country debut in Behind Bars.

He performs his version of I'm Over You live in Zac Brown's Southern Ground Studios with a string section.

The song, written by Tim Nichols and Zach Turner, was on Keith's fourth album and is now on Adam's debut LP Some Things Don't Last.

“I grew up listening to that music and some of my favorite performances of his happened when he played with J.D. Crowe," Chaffins revealed.

"I always liked his voice and his demeanor, where he came from and how he sang with the feeling and emotion and phrasing. I always thought there were so many layers to his singing beyond whatever Nashville made him sound like. And I love the Nashville version of Keith Whitley as well, don't get me wrong ."

Chaffins hails from eastern Kentucky and was bassist for bluegrass bands The Deadly Gentlemen and Town Mountain .

“Going solo is something I always wanted to do,” Chaffins explained.

“I loved being in a band, having a collective thing, but it takes a lot of work. Time had gone by and I had my opportunities with that. Creating a new sound as a bass player and someone who plays different instruments, is always something I've wanted to do. I wanted to make music without restrictions.

“The record is almost a summary of my twenties. Every two years my landscape drastically changed with a lot of tours, relationships, bands and other scenarios. It was about trying to establish yourself as an artist and musician.”

Further info - https://www.adamchaffins.com/


Texan Niko Moon debuts here despite his Australian March tour being cancelled because of the coronavirus.

The singer, born Nicholas Cowan, moved to Douglasville Georgia at 10 and now lives in Nashville.

Niko has written five #1 hits: Zac Brown Band's Loving You Easy, Homegrown, Beautiful Drug, Keep Me In Mind, and Heavy Is The Head.

He was also a member of Sir Rosevelt with Brown and toured with Ryan Hurd.

He self-produced his debut album with longtime collaborator Joshua Murty.

He debuts on Nu Country with his video for Good Time - the title track of his debut EP.

Further info - https://www.introducingnashville.com/niko-moon


Ontario outlaw Cory Marks tries to forget a lover on his return.

Better Off is the second single on Marks second album Who Am I.

The break-up ballad is about bittersweet moment of parting ways with a toxic person's life for happiness, even though it's hard to let them go.

His video captures a walk through a town filled with memories of that previous lover.

"I had a great time on set while making this video,” Marks revealed.

“Director Blake Judd did a great job showing love and loss while not being too obvious about but still capturing great moments in and out of the relationship.”

Cory is from North Bay , Ontario , and tours Canada with Gippsland born Gord Bamford.

Further info - http://www.corymarks.com


Singer-songwriter Camille Trail sold two bulls from her central Queensland family cattle farm west of Rockhampton to finance her recording debut.

She also recorded a video for her human slavery song Humming Chain on her farm where she still works.

But this week Camille, 21, flees the devil on the mean streets of Sydney in her Devil's Drink video on her debut disc produced by Shane Nicholson at Sound Hole Studios.

“I wrote Devil's Drink around the idea of something following you - whether it's a person or a fear - and how you just can't shake it off, no matter what you do,”

Camille revealed.

“I struggle with anxiety so this song links in with me dealing with the pressures that brings and trying to shake it all off. I hope it connects because I feel that the message is universal. In one way or another, maybe everyone has something they're trying to outrun.”

Duncan Tombs of The Filmery shot the video late at night in the back streets of Sydney .

The shadow of a dark spirit follows Trail, possessing bystanders as she passes.

“The tension builds as I become more and more worried,” Trail explained.

“I'm looking over my shoulder and trying to outrun whatever it is that's stalking me.”

Trail graduated in 2019 from JMC in Brisbane with a Bachelor of Music in song writing.

“I was writing in the early hours of the morning or late at night,” Trail added.

“I found that was when inspiration hit me the most. I was inspired by heartbreak of course, love, and also what I was reading at the time and even just looking out the window and people-watching.”

Further info - https://www.camilletrail.com/


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