Texan singing actor Lukas Nelson headlines Nu Country TV on Saturday May 23 at 9.30 pm on Channel 31/ Digital 44.

Florida born singer-songwriter-actor Pam Tillis also returns to the show hosted by Mid-Pacific Bob Olson and repeated Thursday at 5 am.

Celtic septet McPeake and Kentucky coal-miner's son Tyler Childers boomerang to Behind Bars on the program filmed and edited by Laith Graham.

Singing actor-TV star Adam Brand and Queensland born South Australian Paula Standing also return.

Nu Country TV is a highlight of C 31 streaming list on Digital 44.

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Lukas Nelson is qualified to sing about movies in his Nu Country return.

Lukas, just 31, appeared in films with his dad Willie, now 87, and had large cameos in the latest A Star Is Born revamp.

Nelson and his Promise Of The Real were lead actor Brad Cooper's movie band and he produced and directed much of the music.

He also wrote songs with Lady Ga-Ga who shared star billing with Cooper.

This week Lukas explores a celluloid love metaphor in his Movie on My Mind video filmed with his band in the studio and way beyond.

It's on his sixth album Naked Garden with Promise of The Real that was released on March 27 and features another new single Couldn't Break Your Heart.

Lukas is in self-imposed isolation with Willie, mom Annie, and his brother Micah.

“We've been at our place outside Austin for a while now, a couple weeks at least,” Lukas revealed.

“The days are all blurring together. We kind of have everything we need, but I've been staying in pretty much, because we don't even want to run into anybody. Sometimes my dad and I will sneak off to the golf course, but we don't want to get recognized, because he doesn't want to say, “I don't want to shake your hand.” We still do the elbow bumps, but I want to make sure he doesn't get sick, so I pretty much quarantine pretty heavily.”

The quarantine enabled Lukas to live stream the annual Luck Reunion concert with Willie, Micah, Jewel, Nathaniel Rateliff, Paul Simon and Edie Brickell, Lucinda Williams, Tre Burt, Margo Price and Jeremy Ivey and catch up on films.

“I'm watching a lot of movies, I'm sitting in my room here,” Lukas explained.

“And I've got a lot of new songs that I just learned: a Nathaniel Rateliff song, a Tyler Childers song, a Paul Simon song, a Lana Del Rey song. Anything that I'm just curious about, now I have the time to learn it. My dad and Micah and I are going to start doing a lot more, and just posting it on social media. Hopefully we'll be able to just make this quarantine sort of fun, and keep everybody posted on his condition, and ours.”

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Florida born singing actor Pam Tillis returns with welcome humour when she revives Cleopatra, Queen Of Denial.

It was originally on her 1993 album Homeward Looking Angel.

Tillis, now 62, released her 13th album Looking for a Feeling on April 24 after a 12 year solo hiatus.

The Grammy winner wrote the title track with singing actor Waylon Payne - son of Willie Nelson's late guitarist Jody and singer Sammi Smith.

Other writers on the album include Gillian Welch, Dave Rawlings, Tia Sillers, Mark Selby, Bob Regan, and Matraca Berg.

“Stylistically, there's so much here that's always been a part of me,” Tillis says of 12 new tracks including Dolly 1969 about her mentor.

“It's a story I haven't told on any of my records so far. I wanted work that's as close to true and unselfconscious as possible, to provide access to my heart.”

Pam made her Grand Ole Opry debut with her father Mel when she was aged just eight.

During her hiatus she released live discs, Recollection compilation, collaborative albums with Lorrie Morgan, including Come See Me and Come Lonely in 2017 and Dos Divas in 2013.

It included some Pam solo tunes including Rhine Stoned - title track of her 2007 solo album.

Further info - http://pamtillis.com/


Celtic septet McPeake fear wolves and gypsies in the wood in their return to Behind Bars after their debut with These Days on April 13, 2019.

The fourth generation Belfast band began in 1904 and have released many albums

Gypsies In The Wood - a children's fable - is title track of their latest disc.

Their beloved song Wild Mountain Thyme has been performed across the globe - in Irish pubs, concert halls, and music festivals worldwide - since it was first performed in the late 1940s.

This haunting folk anthem has been covered by stars diverse as Glen Frey, Rod Stewart, Bob Dylan, The Byrds and Judy Collins.

Further info - https://www.mcpeakemusic.com/theb


Kentucky coal-miner's son Tyler Childers is back in Behind Bars by popular demand.

Tyler , now 28, toured here in 2019 with late former Chicago postie and singer-songwriter legend John Prine who died at 73 on April 7 of Covid-19.

This time he performs his haunting mining heartbreak song Nose on The Grindstone live in Nashville.

It was before he recorded third album Country Squire, released on August 2, 2019.

Tyler also appeared on Nu Country with videos for I Swear To God, All Your, Whitehouse Road, House Fire, Bus Route, Feathered Indians and Snipe Hunt with singing spouse Senora May from second album Purgatory.

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Perth born TV star and prolific Golden Guitarist Adam Brand proves why life has been good to him in a video filmed at his Gold Coast home.

The former Colac and Wallington is back in love again with new partner Nui and daughter Pepper.

Adam, now 50, escaped his man cave for beaches, fishing and playing guitar in the deep to celebrate with Pepper.

The singer also pays tribute to servicemen and women, friends and peers as he strums and strolls around his neighborhood.

Brand has overcome three divorces to enjoy love in his romantic rebound.

He has won 12 Golden Guitars and many major awards in his 30-year career.

Life Is Good To Me is on his 17th album Speed Of Life , released on March

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Queensland born singer-songwriter Paula Standing hides out in Tuscany as she trips on trains, planes and beaches beyond the Golden Gate and Eiffel Tower in her return.

Paula filmed at Terrigal on the NSW central coast and in Melbourne .

Hiding Out in Tuscany is on her fourth album The More I Give that is released in September.

Hiding Out In Tuscany seemed like a good choice to start the ball rolling as it covers the journey I am making both with my career and this whole album,” Paula revealed of the song she wrote with Ash Sheehan, Jacky McCormack and Toby Wells.

“Taking a risk and setting sail for distant horizons is a wonderful metaphor for how this project is shaping up.”

Standing produced the album with co-writer Rod McCormack.

Paula began her career in choirs, operettas and musicals in Far North Queensland and moved to South Australia .

She explored new genres and began writing songs and recording in 2010 after teaching herself guitar.

Further info - www.paulastanding.com


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