Laurieton singer and emergency nurse Emma Dykes headlines Nu Country TV with her fund-raising anthem on Saturday February 15 at 9.30 pm on Channel 31/ Digital 44.

Newcastle truck driver's daughter Natalie Henry and fellow NSW singer-songwriter Renee Jonas perform on the show hosted by Mid Pacific Bob Olson, and repeated Tuesday at 5 am.

Louisiana man Kendall Shaffer and Ohio outlaw Dallas Moore debut lost highway laments on the program filmed and edited by Laith Graham.

Montana minstrel Stephanie Quayle also boomerangs with a video filmed in Memphis .

Nu Country TV is a highlight of C 31 streaming list on Digital 44.

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Emergency nurse Emma Dykes performs fund raising anthem The Drovers on her Nu Country TV return.

Her video depicts the Drovers Run off-road 4,500 km 4-wheel drive tour that financed another Westpac Rescue Helicopter.

Dykes was asked to join as both musician and Rural Emergency Nurse.

Emma and co-writer Matt O'Leary asked participants to write down what the chopper meant to them and The Drovers was born.

The Inverell born Laurieton based nurse wrote her song with O'Leary on a back of a restaurant menu in Arkaroola on tour.

The Drovers video was filmed by the Westpac Rescue Helicopter team and Sam Davison at Two Digital Media.

“I'm very grateful because I wanted the clip to show a day in the life of the rescue staff,” Emma revealed.

“To show the important tasks they complete and just how emotionally invested they are, in a broader sense, both the song and the video are about the emergency services in general. They're from all walks of life and do an incredible job. I also noticed they included a quick shot of me!”

The Drovers is a reality rooted reflection of Dykes' two professional passions: music and nursing - and is on her second album recorded in Nashville.

Prolific Golden Guitar winner Luke O'Shea said her empathy and strength as a registered nurse, “transcends through her voice and into her beautiful songs”.

Further info - https://emmadykes.com/


Renee Jonas has been on a long journey since she grew up on 100 acres of sub-tropical Northern NSW rain forest where she had solo power but no radio or TV.

It helped her develop her vocal range when she toured as lead vocalist in The Ten Sopranos.

Now Renee is on radio as singer and DJ on My Kind Of Country at 2RRR-FM in Sydney.

She warns of drinking perils at Tumbarumba Wineries in bushfire ravaged Snowy Mountains.

Her song Blame it On The Wine follows My Man In Red, Butterflies and Don't Say It (If You Don't Mean It) on her new EP.

Renee was semi-finalist in 2018 Gympie Muster Talent Quest and grand finalist in Todays Country Brand New Star search 2019.

Jonas has been mentored by Jasmine Rae, Amber Lawrence, Hayley Jensen, Allan Caswell and Roger Corbett.

She has also written songs with award winning artists Felicity Urquhart, Luke O'Shea, Aleyce Simmonds, Shane Nicholson, Kevin Bennett, Jeremy Edwards and Jen Mize.

Renee played the Bluebird Café in Nashville and wrote with Music City hit writers Marty Dodson and Jason Duke.

Her eclectic taste in music is reflected in her song writing that embraces folk, pop, rock, country, blues and jazz.

Further info - https://www.reneejonas.com/


Newcastle truck driver's daughter Natalie Henry returns with a sobering message.

Children trump the pain of motherhood and divorce in her video for Water Over Wine on her debut solo album Apple and Pride.

“Writing songs about motherhood and the trials and tribulations of a divorce is reflected in Water Over Wine -the perfect country song for a new generation of women and mothers,” Henry explained.

“It's not only my story but it embodies the story of all women who've been made to feel lesser for leaving a relationship. In spite making it harder on themselves, mothers, lovers and friends choose water over wine.”

Michael Muchow from Moko Productions produced the single and played guitar on albums and tours for Kasey Chambers and Fanny Lumsden.

The video was produced by Tom Blake from Gravity Films and shot in Newcastle with live performances at The Quill and Compass.

Henry promotes her music on her Woman Enough tour aimed to inspire and empower creative women with fellow Novocastrian Catherine Britt and Lyn Bowtell.

Her singing career didn't begin until she was 34 when she realised her love for writing was more than just words on a page.

It was her way of feeding her emotion and escaping daily routines.

In just three years Natalie toured Australia singing and sharing her stories of love, loss and heartache in festivals and shows.

Her debut single If We Said Goodbye was produced by Bill Chambers and held a powerful message, that “you can raise your babies equally as well apart.”

Natalie was the product of a broken home, with numerous stepbrothers, sisters and mothers.

She was raised on country music in her dad's prime mover truck and recorded Lachlan Bryan produced album Cold Love with husband Brock - son of a cop - as the Wayward Henrys .

Further info - https://www.nataliehenry.com.au/



Louisiana man Kendall Shaffer sipped more booze than milk at the Fat Cat saloon when he hit the lost highway.

Kendall was inspired by Texan honky-tonk heroes Willie Nelson and George Strait as his fiddler whipped cream at a Prairieville bar.

Honky Tonking, Whoever Said It Was Easy, is on his new album The Traditional Revival.

Shaffer combines touring with his day job.

“Most of my time during the day - not right now because I work in a chemical plant - but when I'm not working I'm studying music,” Shaffer revealed.

“I don't just listen to the lyrics, I listen to the instrumentals, the keys, all of it. Just listening to the kind of music that I like and singing it and writing my own songs eventually you realise you've got a sound that you want to put out in front of people.”

Further info - https://kendallshaffer.com/


Ohio outlaw Dallas Moore also sings for his supper in bars on a journey that includes more than 300 gigs a year.

But his long nights on the road ended in bliss when he returned to his wife and child in his video for Everything But You - second single from his 10th album Trying To Be A Blessing.

The video features Moore lamenting dreams that keep him away from the ones he loves.

"This was the last song I wrote for this album," Moore revealed.

"I played a grueling 337 shows last year and was constantly crisscrossing the USA making all the gigs then hauling ass back to my girls who were home at our TEXAHIO Ranch in Southern Ohio . Everything was really taking off with the Mr Honky Tonk album that we were touring in support of at the time and I felt like I had everything I've ever wanted and worked so hard for. Everything but my wife and daughter that is."

Dean Miller - son of the late Roger - was his producer.

Further info - http://www.dallasmoore.com/


Montana minstrel Stephanie Quayle was on both sides of the bar in her new video Whatcha Drinking About filmed at Big Cyprus Lodge at the Pyramid in Memphis.

It's on the 37-year-old's second album.

The vibrant video was directed by Ford Fairchild, and shows Quayle playing the role of bartender, interacting with patrons as they reveal why they went to the bar.

"Making the Whatcha Drinkin About video was the most fun I've ever had on set," Quayle revealed.

"We sprinkled all kinds of Easter eggs throughout it - nods to each song on the new EP and some Flock of Quayle shout outs! My husband even plays my on-screen cowboy and off! I love all the characters and I think we can all find ourselves in each of them. We're all drinking about something!"

“Growing up on our ranch in Montana , I spent most of my life outdoors - from the daily chores with our bison and cattle, to taking the horses on pack trips, to fishing in the streams on our land. Through my music career I have been able to incorporate my love of the outdoors on tour and everywhere I go, both on and off the stage.”

Stephanie previously appeared on our show with Drinking With Dolly and If I Was A Cowboy .

Further info - http://www.stephaniequayle.com/


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