Recent Australian tourists Brothers Osborne headline Nu C ountry TV Series #40 premiere on Saturday June 1 at 9.30 pm on Channel 31/44.

Texan troubadour Kylie Frey joins Brothers Osborne in Behind Bars on the show, hosted by Mid-Pacific Bob Olson, and repeated Monday 7.30 am.

Missouri Minstrel Chris Janson and Tennessean Dustin Lynch also return to the program filmed and edited by Laith Graham.

Port Macquarie born singer-songwriter Aleyce Simmonds appears and fellow northern NSW duo Watling & Bates debut in a Brunswick Heads guitar shop.

Nu Country TV is a highlight of C 31 streaming list on Digital 44.

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Brothers Osborne return with a live song in the greenery of one of the Colorado Terapin care stations where marijuana is grown legally.

It's a far cry from Ipswich where they played the 2018 CMC Rocks Queensland festival.

Brothers John, 35, and T.J. 32, left Maryland for Nashville as songwriters and won the 2017 CMA Awards best vocal duo.

Pushing Up Daisies is on second album Port Saint Joe , released on April 20, 2018, that also features Weed, Whiskey & Willie that they performed live on the Seth Meyers TV variety show and the Grand Ole Opry.

The duo is touring with Arizona born singer-songwriter-pilot Dierks Bentley after appearing at Joshua Tree with him on his Burning Man video from his 11 th album The Mountain.

Brothers Osborne also performed 21 Summer from debut album Pawn Shop and Shoot Me Straight on Nu Country.

Further info - http://www.brothersosborne.com/


Louisiana born Kylie Frey found success as a rodeo rider and singer in Texas before moving to Nashville and featuring on the Real Country TV series

She returns to Nu Country with new hit Ain't Enough Beer In This Bar.

Kylie and Randy Rogers also appeared with love lament Too Bad after filming a stage duet with expat Australasian superstar Keith Urban in Beaumont , Texas , on his huge hit The Fighter .

Frey was born in Opelousas , Louisiana , works the Texas rodeo circuit and filled Oklahoma star Carrie Underwood's role on The Fighter.

She released debut album Cinderella Dreams in 2014, then singles The Chase in 2015 and Me and These Boots in 2016.

Rogers hails from Cleburne , Texas , and bought famous Cheatham Street Warehouse music venue in nearby San Marcos where he cut a 2000 live album.

Further info - http://kyliefrey.com/


Missouri minstrel Chris Janson spreads happy tidings on a joyous road journey in Good Vibes - first single on his third album.

Chris took wife Kelly and two sons fishing and joined their extended family in a trip back in time in their video.

"I'm extraordinarily happy that we picked this for the first single because it set the tone for the rest of the album, which is very positive and uplifting and is full of a lot of smiles and happiness,” Janson, 33, revealed.

“Not to say that my other albums have not been that way, but this one has really set a new tone and I'm really proud of that. Most of it is new footage with us at home and out in the country riding around. It also includes some older family videos of our children frolicking in the pool and from the holidays.”

The video is directed by Michael Monaco of Fly Hi Films.

It features footage Chris describes as “random acts of kindness and random acts of happiness. Those are real people. That's a real soldier and real family. That's probably my favourite part in the video is watching the soldier's homecoming. Everybody at the food truck and the policemen and the children playing basketball, that's all real. It's not actors or stock footage. I just think it's so neat to see that in the video.

“I was very adamant about it being random acts of kindness, random acts of happiness, random acts of smiling and just doing things that make people happy, which is what Good Vibes is all about.”

Janson and video director Jeff Venable closed honky-tonks on Lower Broadway in Nashville to drive home their chivalry anthem on previous video Drunk Girl .

Chris played a baby grand piano after midnight on the popular music mecca as he gave advice to pub, club and bar patrons who see women becoming victims of booze.

Drunk Girl was one of 12 songs he wrote for his second album Everybody that includes five from his Fix A Drin k EP that followed debut disc Buy Me A Boat.

CLICK HERE for a Janson CD feature in The Diary on November 16, 2015.


Tennessean Dustin Lynch turned the tables in his highway heist in his video for Good Girl - the first single on his fourth album that follows Current Mood.

Lynch and his brunette belle fought the law and won - they swapped a pick-up for a sheriff's patrol car and gave new meaning to meals on wheels.

Dustin, aged 34, didn't try that trick on his tour here.

Lynch indulged in a surfing picnic in previous video Small Town Boy from Current Mood.

“It's a collection of the last three years of my life, all the relationships, the travels,” Lynch revealed.

“It's been a crazy three years, in a good way; it's been fun. I don't put a lot of my personal life, personal time, on social media, so this was my way of giving everybody a peek behind that curtain.”

Lynch co-wrote seven of the 13 songs on Current Mood with hit writers Ben Hayslip, Ross Copperman, Craig Wiseman, Rhett Akins, Zach Crowell and others.

Lynch moved from Tullahoma to Nashville in 2003 where he studied Biology and Chemistry at Lipscomb University.

“I think my natural progression of life is what's kind of holding all of that together. The best songs will always win, and my songs I write have a worse shot of making it than outside songs. The songs kind of chose me, to be honest. The songs found me. It was more a song-by-song natural progression. The reason I think you hear some R&B, pop, country is each song became kind of a passion project of mine."

Further info - https://www.dustinlynchmusic.com/


Port Macquarie born Golden Guitarist Aleyce Simmonds acted out perils of speed dating in pubs in Rejected - fourth single on her third album More Than Meets The Eye.

Aleyce, 32, wasn't crying over spilled milk - it was a much stronger brew.

Jeremy Dylan - son of our late benefactor Rob Potts - directed her clip.

Simmonds also appeared with a strident song about love and other bruises - Only On My Terms.

Simmonds says More Than Meets The Eye delved into a personal story of hurt, joy and sadness.

"This album is quite a journey because, to be honest,” Aleyce revealed.

“I went from a place of darkness and I found someone who changed my life, I moved into the light, we went through the ups and downs of the relationship and spat out the other side when we broke up and into the darkness again - and then finding my way back to Tamworth .”

Aleyce appeared on Nu Country when she honoured her brother, who died 24 years ago as a baby, in her evocative video for J oshua from second album Believe in 2015

She graced Nu Country with Anchor and Defeated penned with Wollongong singer-songwriter Jeremy Edwards.

Aleyce co-wrote former Nu Country TV host and Starmaker finalist Cameron Cusack's debut single Dreams Are Not That Far Away.

Further info - www.aleycesimmonds.com


Veteran duo Geoffrey Bates and Kym Watling drew on their 16 years on the road in their video for Old Times on their 2018 album Small Town Tales.

They massaged their message with a full skirt, straw hat and sturdy boots once in style in the bush way beyond the neon.

Johnny Rumble guested on bull fiddle in Valiant Music's guitar heaven in Brunswick Heads

Watling and Bates hail from NSW northern rivers town Unumgar where mists hang low over rugged mountains and livestock graze upon green fields once covered by scrub.

They have a suitcase full of stories of small towns, long highways, soft hearts, and troubles left behind.

Watling & Bates play festivals, country halls, hotels, art galleries, and featured in an Opera Queensland production.

They produced community events for Seniors Week and Mental Health Month , supported Canada 's All - Day Breakfast Stringband , and hosted local old-time jams.

Small Town Tales , produced by Thor Phillips, follows their 2014 debut EP Before I Met You .

They perform unique Australian stories in their distinctive old-time mountain style with fiddle, banjo, and guitar kicking up dust on country roads.

Inspired by eerie howls of unseen beasts and softness of horses' noses, their original tunes draw on old time country traditions, swept by the headlights of passing trucks.

Further info - https://watlingbates.com/


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