The final word on Ron Davies should come from Kevin Welch.

Here is the message posted by Kevin on his web page to Davies who died from a heart attack at 57 in Nashville on the eve of Kevin's Melbourne season.

"I met Ron years ago, way back when I played guitar for his sister Gail," Welch wrote.
"We just hit it off right away. What a splendid writer. Here's the words to Dark Eyed Gal. I guess I'll try to cut it on the record Kieran and I are getting ready to make."

"The midnight train can come and go without me
I don't need no taxi back to town
I think I'll just stay right here in this depot light
I was supposed to meet someone here tonight
Now I'm sitting here thinkin'
Waiting on a dark eyed gal

I don't mind the rain, never even noticed
I don't feel the cold, wouldn't matter anyhow
As a matter of fact I could stay
Till the break of day
I don't see as I'm in anybody's way
I'm just sitting here thinkin'
waiting on a dark eyed gal

She said she's meet me at the station
I don't believe she'd keep me waiting
very long

She never told me if she was coming with me
or if she only meant to say her last farewell
She never was one to let me know her mind
I'll just stay right here, doing my time
Just sitting here thinkin'
waiting on a dark eyed gal
Just sitting here drinkin'
waiting on a dark eyed gal."

Welch, 48, added this post funeral message for fans and friends of Davies.
"I went over to Brown's Diner today, the last place I ever saw Ron, and said hi to our Suz," Welch said of a mutual fan.

"She said it keeps feeling like he's just out of town or something. You know, he had just finished a new record. If we can make it available here, we will. I bet we're gonna like it a lot.

By the way, you can hear an old song of his on an old Bowie record. Song is called It Ain't Easy, by R. Davies.

Apparently he used to have a little trouble with Ray Davies (Kinks) getting his royalty checks. Suz told me that Ron had once gone to see his attorney, said he needed to "get the Kinks out of his contract"....

Great cat, gonna miss him."

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