DAVE'S DIARY - 12 MAY 2003


We have exciting news - the birth of Nu Country TV on Melbourne public access TV Channel 31.

Nu Country TV is the brainchild of Nu Country FM disc jockey and renowned movie, TV and stage actor Peter Hosking.

Peter hosted a large number of shifts on Nu Country during its Beer Can Hill era in Northcote and its rebirth at the Paris, Texas, end of Collins St in the CBD.

Hosking was renowned for his movie soundtrack show 'Reel Country' and his laid back hosting of day time radio shows with diverse interviews. The veteran actor's credits include roles with Meryl Streep in the 'Evil Angels' movie and Rebecca Gibney in 'Halifax FP' and many other TV dramas. Hosking has taken a pro-active role at Channel 31 in shows after filming his multi-talented daughter Kate in live concerts. The father and daughter duo will work with Nu Country disc jockeys and musicians on a 13 episode series of Nu Country TV. The half hour show will be filmed in Melbourne and suburbs and is scheduled to air on Saturday nights from September with a repeat during the week.

Nu Country TV, produced and directed by Hosking, will be part of the Yarra Access TV group on Channel 31. It will feature live performances and interviews with local and international artists, video clips and regular news, gig guide, comedy and recipe segments.

Country artists wishing to be involved should send pictures, biographies and CVS to Peter Hosking at music@nucountry.com.au or P O Box 625, Northcote, 3070.
Filming will take place at local music venues and Collingwood Childrens Farm which plans a country music concert in spring.

The series will help fill the vast void of country music on TV and radio in Australia.

It may also prompt a new radio outlet for the station, still seeking to broadcast on the FM band.

One of the artists who has pledged support for Nu Country TV is Geelong born star Adam Harvey who is touring the east coast and Tasmania in June and July.

Please CLICK HERE for a colourful in depth interview feature on former truckie Harvey and his fifth album 'Cowboy Dreams' on ABC Music.

We will keep you briefed on Nu Country TV through weekly updates on our web page and stories in the print media and support from community radio.

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